Who let the Dogs out?


In my dog training lessons we train with 3m leashes. The dog gets the individual distance he deserves during a walk. Walking on the leash is much more relaxed.

Biothane Leashes


Biothane Leashes
Revolutionary all weather Biothane has the feel of leather and provides exceptional grip and strength. All weather Biothane wicks away water and will not rot.

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Different colors, with a loop

3m > 35.–

Rubbered leashes

Textile rubbered leashes
Rubbered leashes are made of durable and tough rubbered nylon belt. Due to the both-sided rubber applied, the leash is grippy and easy to hold, especially in wet conditions.

In stock
Different colors, without a loop

3m > 25.–
5m > 32.–
10m > 40.–


Info 5m and 10m leashes
I also have some long leashes in stock