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Dog training locations

Rheinhafen in Basel: Uferstrasse

This calm and urban area offers many different impressions for the dog & the owner - a very nice place also for puppy training.


Just outside Basel: Allschwil at the pond (Weiher)

This beautiful forest just outside of Basel offers all a dog wants. The Vitaparcour can be explored in a canine way for example.


Basel-Landschaft: In the Hardwald in Birsfelden

Here we train in a very calm vicinity. This big forest allows training in the rural environment. A super alternative to the city.


Old town atmosphere: Meeting point St. Alban-Tor

This district offers many different training possibilities in picturesque old town atmosphere: including a well protected meadow.


Directly in the city: Gellert quarter

It is pretty clam at this meeting point. Despite the little birds zoo. Both sides of the fence are happy about an appropriate distance.


Close to the river and a park: At the Birskraftwerk

Close to the river Rhine the dogs can explore many different surfaces. With quite a big distance they can get used to distractions like runners & cylists.


Grün 80: Park im Grünen Münchenstein

Our starting point is the Restaurant Seegarten. Sweeping meadows offer different training oportunities. Ducks and swans can be observed and cannot irritate relaxed dogs - and the teenage dogs learn calm behavior with an appropriate distance.


At the Spalentor: In the Missionspark

Canine encounter training can be done in this private - but public - park. Visual obstacles are helpful for little breaks. Benches are inviting to enjoy this park to the full.


SKN Theory class: Course location Mittlere Strasse 61

In private atmosphere you will get many background information on canine behavior. Small groups invite you to ask individual questions.



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