Who let the Dogs out?

About us


WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? is a network of qualified dog trainers from Basel and Zurich with all cantonal authorizations. The first WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? dog training has been opened 2011 in Zurich by Martina Mädler. 2013 an additional dog training has been opened in Basel by me.

We are spezialized in the education of dog owners and dogs who are living in the city, or close to the city. We have a strong commitment to up-dating our knowledge by visiting on a regular basis further eduction of authorized organizations. We work in a way that uses the latest scientific research. We offer our services in german and english.

Positive Verstärkung, Ruhe und Gelassenheit - So lernt es sich gut.

Claudia Mundt
Dog trainer (Dog instructor HIK1, SKN instructor (mandatory dog ownership class)), NHB expert, NF puppy trainer and PhD in chemistry, longstanding management experience

FSVO (Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office) allocated Nr. 08/0010.

We love dogs – it is our utmost concern to understand them


How they learn and how they communicate. We as humans often influence the behavior of dogs unconsciously – for example with unmeant reinforcement or with unclear body language. We want to strengthen the ability of our customers to read their dog’s body language and to give understandable cues – word and body – to their dog.

Our 4 pillars are:
Trust, Empathy, Respect and Courage

It is very important for us to build skills and maintain a balanced canine-human partnership, through a comprehensive understanding of dogs’ behavior and communication.

Each dog deserves to be understood. Sharing (two-way) communication through awareness and appropriate response to canine body language, will help dog and owner build a deeper relationship based on trust and respect.

We help owners to understand their dogs and what they are telling them. Helpful cues for daily life are trained with fun for both: owner and dog. Our principle is, that we tell our dogs what they are doing right. We only use kind methods based on positive techniques. We reinforce with these methods the wanted behavior.


We encourage our customers to think by themselves to understand their dogs better. We offer practical guidance and support for the specific needs of each individual – dog and owner.

The basis of a good dog-human relationship is:

  • build up trust
  • clear communication
  • understand that each dog is an individuum
  • respect the limits of each dog
  • train our observation skills