Who let the Dogs out?

Young dogs class

The young dogs class is organized individually. Generally 4 lessons will be organized. We explore together with the young dog the environment. We support our dog and help them to solve situations in their pace.

Our 4 pillars are: Trust, empathy, respect and courage

Very important - we focus on joy and motivation for the dog and the owner. We do not train with pressure!


DIfferent ways to praise a dog
A secure recall
Relaxed leash walking
Waiting in different situations
To walk "heal"
Attention cue
Train observation skills- how to recognize nice playing?
Calm behavior in difficult situations
Meaningful activities
Theory about: Stress, calming signals, etc.

and more



Dogs must be minimum 5 month old.


jeden Dienstag 11.00 – 12.00 Uhr variabel, siehe Kursorte  deutsch
jeden Mittwoch 09.30 – 10.30 Uhr variabel, siehe Kursorte  deutsch

What to bring

First time the vaccination card
Many rewards (treats, toys)
Collar and/or harness and leash (NO flexible, retractable leash)
Water bottle
Weather-proof clothes

Cost and payment

45.– per lesson (4 lessons cost 180 CHF)*
Please pay in the 1. lesson in cash.

* 55.- for 2 participants


60 Minutes


Group size

Small groups: max. 3 teams


Claudia Mundt
Request for vacancies via mobile or e-mail.