Who let the Dogs out?

Puppy training

Our Puppy training takes place in small groups of max. 4 puppies. We want to enable to realize a relaxed start into their new life. Get to know each other and to understand each other. 


Why is puppy training important? Your little puppy enters home. The puppy has it’s needs and the family has also wishes concerning the puppy behavior. We want to give you an understanding of both sides and how you can enable the little puppy to have a good start into his life. We encourage you to see the world through your puppies eyes.Our main target is to strengthen the bond between you and your puppy and to build up trust between the both of you. We are convinced: A self-confident dog can handle stressful situation more relaxed.The right mix between action and relaxation is very important. Less is more! The dog owners learn to observe their little puppies to read their body language. The puppy classes expose your puppy gently to new situations – for example new people and other dogs – in a friendly environment.

The classes help puppies to develop their concentration skills, they will learn first cues like “sit!”. We take care, that we foster calm behavior. For sure we also take care of the needs and questions of the humans. In every puppy training we have time to asked questions. Experts answer all your questions.

The 4 puppy training lessons include one private lesson. for the private lesson I come to your place and support you in your own environment.

And not to forget: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? puppy training classes are fun!

Requirement for participation

All healthy and vaccinated puppies who are between 8 – 18 weeks old


1. lesson is a private lesson at your place
2., 3. and 4. lesson are group lessons

The date for the private lesson will be agreed on  individually with each owner. And for the group lessons I try to take the availabilities of my customers in cosideration.
The dates can be adapted. 

Monday 11.00 – 12.00  variies, see dog training locations  german, or bilingual
Thursday 16.00 – 17.00  variies, see dog training locations  german, or bilingual
Friday 09:30 - 10:30 variies, see dog training locations english
Friday 13.30 – 14.30 variies, see dog training locations german, or bilingual


What to bring

Many rewards (soft treats, toys)
Collar and/or harness and leash (NO flexible, retractable leash)
Water bottle
Weather-proof clothes
Towel for the dog in case of rain
First time the vaccination card

Cost and payment

(1. lesson private lesson; 2. – 4. lesson group lesson)

Please pay in the 1. lesson in cash.

100.- (1. lesson private lesson)
55.- (per group lesson; 2 teams)
45.- (per group lesson; 3 teams)


60 minutes

Group size

Small groups: max. 3 teams


Claudia Mundt
Request for vacancies via mobile or e-mail.