Who let the Dogs out?

Individual and target-oriented:

Private dog training

You prefer to do the dog training in a private ambience?
No problem. I would be more then happy to support you privately.

You can also sign up for all mandatory classes in one-to-one lessons.

Private dog training (one-to-one lessons) offers many advantages to the canine-human-team:

  • 100 % individual support.
  • At a date and time to suit you we deliver one to one private dog training sessions.   
  • The content of the private dog training is individually planned for you.

In private dog training sessions progress can be seen – from my experience – quite fast.
Of course we also come to your home.


Individually! The training depends on your demands and wishes (e.g. aggression on the leash, anti hunting training, anxiety of being alone, etc.). We understand that all dogs are individuals and we work with you to help you to  get to know your dog and understand why he might show these behaviors.


flexible flexible at your place, or in the environment where you need the support

What to bring

Many rewards (treats, toys)
Harness (if the dog has the tendenca to jump into the leash)
Leash (NO flexible, retractable leash)

Please think about a reward list prior to the private lesson: This is a list of things your dog really enjoys -
e.g cheese, sausages, to dig, to run fast, to jump into the water, etc.

Cost and payment

60 Minutes private dog training = 100.–
60 Minutes half private dog training (2 teams) = 120.–

Every private dog training will be paid after the training session


60 Minutes or 1.5h. Depends on the topic.



Claudia Mundt
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