Who let the Dogs out?
Ein Buch über Hundeverhalten. Neuste Erkenntnisse werden für den interessierten Laien verständlich beschrieben.

Tolles Buch – John Bradshaw “Hundeverstand”


John Bradshaw’s book „In defence of dogs“ is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the psychology behind the growl, the rising hackles and the wagging tail of our best friend: the dog. I received the book as a christmas present and devoured it.

The british biologist Bradshaw Bradshaw overtunes the most common myths about dogs’ emotions and behavior, this book shows how we should really treat our dogs. He argues with evidence as well as conviction, that it is the misconception about a dog’s preoccupation with hierarchy that encourages “training methods based on confrontation and punishment”.

Conclusion: Dog owners can relax -Dogs do not want to rule the world.

On youtube you can see a short video with John Bradshaw.

The book has been published by the Penguin group (ISBN: 978-1-14295-6). You can order it at Amazon for your Kindle, or buy it at your local book store.