Who let the Dogs out?

Basler carnival and dogs - does that fit?


In a couple of days the famous Basler Carnival - Fasnacht - will start again. The Fasnacht is a unique event, but whether if you visit the «Morgestraich» on Monday morning at 4 AM or other events like the exhibition of lanterns on Tuesday evening, the Fasnacht is nothing dogs would like to accompany you.

The «most wonderful three days» are lots of fun for adults and kids, but dogs would prefer to stay at home. The music is to loud and the masks could be scary. There are so many people around, that it is to stressful for dogs and furthermore there is lots of stuff lying on the ground, which could be harmful for dogs.

Instead of visting the Fasnacht together with your dog, you should think about a nice walk in the forest like the Allschwiler Weiher or Birsfelden Hard. And while you visit the Fasnacht - your dog can sleep at home and dream about the nice hike you did together.