Who let the Dogs out?

Nosework: Sherlock Nose

Sniffin’ good fun! Most dogs love to work with their nose. First step: We try to find the best motivation for your dog. Means: To find out what your dog really, really loves. Not likes, LOVES!


The particicpants get many ideas how to utilize their dogs and to observe when they are on a “hot lead”. Their are no limits concerning nosework. Following traces, distinguish different scent. Or create your own magical demonstration. Dive into the world of scent – it’s a great way to build your dog’s confidence and burn energy mentally and physically.

Requirement for participation

For dogs of every age. The dogs must be social with other dogs.


Freitag 15.00 - 16.00 Uhr variabel, siehe Kursorte bilingual, if needed

What to bring

Many rewards (soft treats, toys)
Dog must be on a harness (exeptions, if the dog does not like a harness at all)
Water bottle
Min. 3m leash (I sell very nice 3 m leashes)
Towel for the dog in case of rain

Cost and payment

400.– (10 lessons)
Please pay in the 1. lesson in cash.



60 Minutes


Group size

Small groups: max. 4 teams


Claudia Mundt
Request for vacancies via mobile or e-mail.